Day 3

I am day 3 post hip replacement surgery. The hospital stay is 3-4 days typically. I’m hoping to go home tomorrow but I hit a complication that is unrelated to my hip AVN. I started having back pain before even checking in. I felt like I had a sunburn with also come,kind of deep pain radiating from my back to my chest. It has been diagnosed as Shingles. It is possible that it was brought on by the stress on my body.

I’m reclining in the hospital bed watching the Will and Grace marathon on the We channel. I have an ice pack propped between my night gown and skin on my upper back to try to take the edge off the burning pain of the Shingles.



I’m having as much pain on my back as in my hips. My left hip is swollen and hard to the touch. I have restrictions in my movements. I can’t cross my legs or bend at the waist. I am being positioned by a large foam wedge between my legs that has Velcro straps that go around my legs to hold them. There is a trapeze bar above my head that is supposed to help me lift myself but I really just hit my head on it.



I’m waiting for a copy of the X-ray that my ortho took right after surgery. I still have a hard time picturing this foreign body inside my leg. He just cut off a piece if my bone structure and put in metal and plastic.

I have been able to get up and walk around the room using my walker. I’ve moved from the bed to the chair and the bathroom. Ortho wants me to try to be more active but I’m on isolation because of the shingles so walking the halls is not possible. The plan is to be able to go home tomorrow but it depends on if my low-grade fever continues and if I can get off the IV pain meds.

There is a bit of sun peeking ing the windows and onto the flowers that some wonderful family members sent.



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  1. What happy looking flowers!!! Before you even said shingles, I knew that’s what it was – I haven’t had them but my daughter had them one of the times she was pregnant. I am SO sorry!! It stinks – it’s crummy – I hate it that you had to have this on top of your surgery! Can they give you anti-virals?

  2. Charisse Bowen

    How does bionic woman get the shingles…. That sucks… I’ve had them, no fun at all. What I am trying to figure out is how you caught them…, didn’t you hit the reset button on all of your vaccines with your bone marrow transplant? So did you catch just the shingles not the chicken pox?

  3. Bonnie Strozinsky

    Hope that you are able to get home soon, Lauren. Enough complications!!! So sorry you have to have pain not only from the new hip but also shingles, I know that must be so frustrating. Once again, you are one tough woman and have my utmost respect! We should all be so tough… Get better & home soon!

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