Pelotonia 2014

Petolonia 14 is in 60 days. Date is August 8-10, 2014. For the second year I am participating in a program by The James called I Ride For You. A student preparing to ride is matched with a patient from the James. This initiative is designed to create a special bond between Team Buckeye Student Riders and the patients and survivors served by The James – Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This year I am paired with a recent graduate of the School of Veterinary Medicine. Sarah has shared with me that this is her 3rd year participating in Pelotonia and she will be riding 100 miles. Many people participate in charity runs but the Pelotonia is special. It is a minimum commitment for the 100 mile ride to raise $1800 to participate and 100% of money raised goes directly to cancer research at OSU James. I have and continue to benefit from these programs. Research is the way advancements in treatments are made. Not all large cancer fundraising events promise 100% to research. I’m thinking of the big pink one that focuses on awareness.

I am not physically able to ride a bike. Right now I even struggle to walk like a normal person. The fundraising requirement is a big commitment for a student. I can start to give back by asking for support for this event. If you are wanting to donate to Pelotonia this year please give through my student rider Sarah here

I remember the summer that I was first admitted to the James. Now it’s normal for me to go to the hospital because I still have to go an average of once a week to see various doctors. But then it was confusing and uncertain. Some of my doctors and nurses wore ties or pins announcing their participation. The commitment they showed for serving the patients (me) was comforting. I encourage you all to look at my links to the Pelotonia page. It is an inspiring event.

Since Sarah is now a Vet I will post a recent pic of me with my Beagle Molly.



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