I’m Okay


I’ve been getting quite a few messages and phone calls since my last post since apparently it was too much of a downer. I’d like to assure people that I am, like, okay using one of my favorite Girls memes. Today was a good day and I took the kids swimming while I did my water pilates and then we went out to lunch as a family. Not bad!

Last year I watched the premiere of Girls season 2 in my hospital bed with Victoria. This year I’m putting on clean sheets and we will watch the premiere of Girls 3 from my bed at home. Recovery is relative. Can’t wait.

Also, I’ll update here on Friday following my MRI and appointment.

Here’s a few good things from the last week:

New Alexander McQueen necklace cause I love it:


Cupcakes from my orthopedic surgeon’s office cause they love me:


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  1. Lauren I want you yo know I admire your honesty. It’s a brave thing to admit your raw feelings to family and friends. You are a strong woman and I’m proud of how much fight you have in you. Sometimes the people that love you just want everything to be okay and it’s hard to read the truth in what you are going through. I hope you will continue to be honest and brave about your journey. It may be an encouragement to some that you may not realize. Here’s is to a new year of discovering the new you. God Bless!

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