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“My Mom”

Amira wrote a story at school. It is titled “MY MOM”


Once my mom some how broke her ankle. My mommy has to go to the hospital a lot. Before she broke her ankle she had leukemia. I still get to snuggle with her.


Ankle update

Friday I was NPO for my MRI with contrast at OSU Morehouse for my left ankle. Since I wasn’t supposed to eat or drink I just stuck to my two cups of coffee in the morning. Since I broke the rules I took my nausea meds before the appointment. Also warned them that I like to vomit from contrast and that my last MRI was extremely painful because of positioning. This earned me the VIP treatment.

I tried to meditate during the exam but the Beyonce pandora station was less than conducive to a meditative state. I did have an epiphany. I decided that I should go to school for my doctorate. I came out asking Jeff if we could move to Florida. He said no. Cause hurricanes.

Back to the point of this post. Immediately following my MRI we went to OSU James to see the doc for the results. I barely had time to sip my free cancer waiting room mocha latte when we were brought back. The doc jokingly said, “Long time no see” and pulled up the images on the computer while he held my foot in his hand. As suspected I do have AVN in my left ankle the same as my right. I also have inflamation in the bone. He palpated the affected areas trying to elicit a yelp to gauge just how much pain I’m in. They never just take my word for it.

The good news is that he doesn’t see a fracture on the left side and I can stop wearing the boot for now on the right. I don’t immediately need surgery but I will eventually. This condition doesn’t fix or get better so treatment is based on my pain and functional activity levels. I hope to preserve my joints until someone invents a decent ankle replacement.

Right now treatment consists of bone building supplements, swimming for exercise and “taking it easy”. I’m supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible. At least until the spring when we will get another look at the joints.

This week on Thursday I go to the hospital, my home away from home, for my one year post transplant bone marrow biopsy. Next week we meet with the doc to go over results and current side effects and plan next steps.

Today we took a family trip out to eat and to Target. At big stores I use the scooters or wheelchair. Jeffrey though it would be hilarious to let Amira push me. Here Im saying, “No, go straight!”


I’m Okay


I’ve been getting quite a few messages and phone calls since my last post since apparently it was too much of a downer. I’d like to assure people that I am, like, okay using one of my favorite Girls memes. Today was a good day and I took the kids swimming while I did my water pilates and then we went out to lunch as a family. Not bad!

Last year I watched the premiere of Girls season 2 in my hospital bed with Victoria. This year I’m putting on clean sheets and we will watch the premiere of Girls 3 from my bed at home. Recovery is relative. Can’t wait.

Also, I’ll update here on Friday following my MRI and appointment.

Here’s a few good things from the last week:

New Alexander McQueen necklace cause I love it:


Cupcakes from my orthopedic surgeon’s office cause they love me: