Post surgery wrap up

Surgery went well. My doctor screwed me twice although I was under the influence so I don’t remember much. I let my pair of beautiful (women) anesthesiologists know that I always throw up after surgery. I think it was their daily mission to keep me from doing so and it worked! I had to agree to being more sleepy in exchange for not puking but that’s a no brainer right there.

My screws:


It’s hard to tell but I did paint my toenails white with the words “Screw me” written in black marker. Harassing my medical staff if one of my only forms of entertainment.



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  1. Glad your surgery went well!
    Reading your blog has been informative and helpful to me. My husband has been “battling” colon cancer for the past few years. The other day when you posted ” work has been the one place I feel normal” it help me to view my husbands perspective in a new light. He has not been able to work recently and even though 2 years ago he continued to work through chemo and radiation therapy ( he operates heavy equipment for I understand better why he is Di driven to work, so thank you!
    Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thanks for sharing and reading Toni. That’s partly why I write this. If I normalize cancer struggles somewhat then it makes it easier for people to understand what’s in out heads and how to help. Personally, I want to avoid living permanently in Cancertown.

  2. How is the healing going?

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