Bad news doesn’t even faze us in this family any longer. This morning I went for my check-up on my ankle fracture and the X-ray says its still cracked. I am having surgery in the morning (Tuesday) to put a couple screws in to secure the bone so it doesn’t get worse. He likened it to putting rebar in cement to keep it from cracking.

I told the kids I would be having surgery and they said, “okay, what’s for dinner?”

So, I’m going in to get a little cut and a couple screws. Doc thinks I’ll be able to go home the same day. I know surgery is a big deal but I’m thinking of it in a different way. I’m well enough that a surgeon agreed to cut me. I’ve needed procedures before but no one would touch me because I was so sick. This guy said my best chance is a surgery and I agreed to it to attempt to solve my ankle pain.

I call Jeffrey and said, hey, so Im having surgery tomorrow. He says, “okay, I’ll get work covered.” It takes a lot more than an ankle surgery to knock us down.

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  1. Big prayers coming your way!

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