There’s Something About Lauren

For the past two weeks I’ve been wearing my orthopedic boot all hours of the day except for sleeping (which is a lot of my hours, BTW) but finally now I’m off the crutches. Jeffrey borrowed a set from work for me to use because it was terribly painful for me to put any weight at all on my right foot. This has been me for the last two weeks. Click the link for the video:


This evening after work my best blonde friend took me to OSU for a X-ray of my pelvic lower back type area and a MRI of my ankle. I’ve had many MRIs done over the last two years and today’s may have been the most uncomfortable. Really, it’s a deadlock between what went down this evening and the MRI I had immediately following my breast cancer diagnosis. That one is done face-down with your boobs hanging between two round cut-outs in the table. It was also my first one so just as terrifying as it was uncomfortable. For the ankle MRI my weak and atrophied leg and ankle were strapped into the compartment while I was flat on my back with my other leg out straight. This position pulled my legs tight and stretched my hamstrings to the point where my muscles started cramping. It wasn’t charlie horse bad but it was enough to cause tears to stream from the outside edges of my eyes down to the headphones covering my ears. I swear the tears had nothing to do with Sarah Bareilles playing on the streaming radio.

It will be just a couple days until hear the status of my bone situation. I’ve been feeling less pain for the last few days and now I’m hoping I will have a chance to get stronger again without fractures.

Second video of the day:


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  1. MRIs can be such a challenge. I hope the results are encouraging, though. ~Catherine

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