The Pelotonia in Columbus is a big friggin deal. It’s a grass-roots bike tour that started in 2008 with a goal to end cancer. The event spans 3 days and participants not only ride long distances but have significant fundraising obligations just to participate. 100% of rider raised dollars goes directly to fund cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. 

Previous year stats:

Year Dates Routes Riders Total Raised
2009 Aug 28-30 4 2,265 $4,511,868
2010 Aug 20-22 4 4,047 $7,846,705
2011 Aug 19-21 4 4,986 $13,108,639
2012 Aug 10-12 6 6,212 $16,871,403

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a coordinator at the James asking if I would be willing to have a student ride in my honor. I said “of course”. I was matched with a lovely young biomedical science major who is applying for medical school and currently works as a researcher in a hemotology lab. Callie is currently raising money to support her ride commitment. This years ride takes place in August.

Many of my doctors and nurses participate in this ride too. They all have such a commitment to patient support and cancer research that it is inspiring to watch the training and fundraising. I am honored to be included this year even though I am not physically able to participate. I really hope to be able to go watch Callie and others ride.

I’m going to ask my devoted readers to consider supporting my new friend financially meet her fundraising goal. She has committed to raise $1200 a significant amount for a student for sure. I have communicated with Callie via email and our family plans on meeting her soon!

Here is the link to her fundraising page:



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