Family Meals

I haven’t known how to adequately express my gratitude for something that has helped our family out so much but I’m going to do just a quick post tonight even though I know its not enough. Jeffrey’s work family has been providing a meal for our family once a week for months. It has kept us in home cooked meals. They are always so generous and wonderful even though I haven’t been home to eat every meal I know that my family is taken care of.

Tonight was a delicious cheesy broccoli and chicken casserole with cookies AND a pecan pie on the side.


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  1. We are glad to do it, Lauren. Hopefully it takes a little stress out of your lives one night a week! Hope you are feeling better very soon! Hang tough girl!

    • I am doing better everyday and the meals reduce stress and make us feel loved. You all know that I’m up and down so the consistency works even if I’m having a good day I don’t know what the next day will hold. Thank you so much for everything.

  2. That’s just so heart-warming đŸ™‚

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