Exciting new adventures living the post cancer life

There are so many new and exciting things happening around here that I haven’t taken the time to post. I actually have plenty of time but I’m too busy watching Let’s Make a Deal and resting my super painful fractured rib. I also still have a slight cough but I’m trying to get out to the gym and out walking anyway.

One of the big events is the discovery of a new cookie. It’s the Oreo Triple Double. I’ve put on 2 lbs but the doctor would still like me closer to my baseline weight so I’m trying to eat. Unfortunately, I still have a small stomach and don’t always make the best food choices.


It’s a triple decker cookie with chocolate AND vanilla filling.

Second big event is that I had my central line removed on Thursday. The line removal required two doctors. I was not offered premeds so I premedded myself. The only part that hurt was the local anesthesia that burns like fire going into my skin. I chatted with the supervising physician while the dude that looked like a first year dug around in my chest. There is a small piece of cotton type material that anchors the line in place in my skin so that it doesn’t come out easily. For removal they have to loosen it. He had a type of fulcrum device similar to the curette that I use to remove ear wax. Once free of surrounding tissue he began to pull. The line went from the right side of my chest, up over my collar bone and across and down to my heart. He pulled on the line and it came out of my body similar to a clown pulling a line of colorful scarves from his sleeve. They held up the blood covered used trifecta line for me to see. They said no way could I keep it. I asked if I could take a picture at least and they said no because its a liability. These losers are no fun. I didn’t tell them that I have a video of a bone marrow biopsy.

The removal left me with a hole in my chest that looks like I was shot with a .22. It’s gross but I’m still considering posting the picture because its good gross like the cyst popping videos on YouTube. I could watch those for hours. A small, square bandaid is enough to cover it.

Other exciting news is that I fractured a rib during a coughing fit from my bronchitis. For those who have had this you know how incredibly painful it is. It’s a stabbing pain in my upper right rib. I thought it was just a pulled muscle but upon examination my PT became nervous it was a fracture. He was very happy with himself when he heard that his diagnosis was correct.

Because of my progress my doctor has started lowering some of my meds including the anti-rejection drug. With this my risks of developing GVHD are increased. I’ve had a couple skin flair ups that are controlled with steroid cream but there is a good chance I’ll need to go into the hospital for an endoscopy to rule out GVHD of the GI tract. It’s likely I’ll be checking in tomorrow to the James. Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple days.

Jeffrey has been wanting to get us a dog since we lost the Arizona born mutt that we inherited from my mom. We filled out an application that was significantly more intensive than anything necessary to bring home a baby. One visit to the shelter later and we brought home a big baby named Griffon who seems to be a confiscated coon hunting dog from the mountains of West Virginia. This sweet boy already brings Xander his leash to go outside and has apologized to Amira for accidentally knocking her over by bringing her the fetch ball since that’s what she likes to do best of all. He’s my sleeping buddy during the day and the only trouble he has caused is that he may think our old grumpy cat is a raccoon. We are working on breaking him of that.

Playing Tug of War with the boy


At the shelter picking him up.


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  1. Adiós central line…and good riddance. Hello triple-decker cookie!
    Wonderful news Lauren (except for that fractured rib part)!

  2. Cyst popping videos on youtube? Ugh! Wow, that really sounds gross, but hilarious that you want to rival them with your line mark. I’m glad there are wonderful bit of normal happening like getting your lovely new dog. Happy days 🙂 Enjoy the cookies ~ Catherine

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