There and back again

I know my last post was about me getting home from the hospital but I was just kidding. I was only home for 24 hours. Maybe not even that long. I spiked a fever when Carolyn was here taking care of me. I called the hospital clinic and they told me to come right in. Xander was home from school. He broke out in major hives the night before and was having a stressful week at school so I told him he could take the day off if he wanted to rest. Unfortunatly he had to go with us to the hospital. He was a big helper actually and carried my stuff. I think it was good for him to see where I go at the clinic and be a part of my admission process. So many times I just disappear for a few days or weeks and they have no warning or concrete information about where I am.

As soon as we got to the 11 th floor I was told that they were admitting me because of the fever without even examining me. I had to wait for a bed because the hospital was full. I got checked into 10 James by 8:00 pm. I stayed mostly cheerful because my college roomie, Rachael, arrived from Tucson that same day and she was there the whole time. I have a small amount of guilt that she spent her whole vacation in the hospital with me bit I think she secretly enjoyed it. My friends quickly acclimate to my casual sick (its a real fashion thing) environment and she enjoyed the pajama and TV time. This is a vacation for a mom of 4 kids for sure. And special thanks to her husband for sharing her and taking care of the kids on his own. He’s a great dad but I know it is exhausting.

I may be the only person to consistently lose weight on prednisone. This time it was 60 mg a day for a week along with IV fluids. My doctors are smart and start treating for worst case scenario while we wait for test results. This time the worst case did not happen and we all cheered when I came back positive for c-diff. The doctor’s next thought was that I was having Acute GVHD of the GI tract. Not only would this be a long term illness to manage the procedures to appropriately diagnose include endoscopy and colonoscopy. No fun. The prednisone was started in case it was GVHD but he cut it way back now.

Since this is the hospital I couldn’t avoid having some kind of procedure done. My TriFusion Catheter central line that was installed prior to my bone marrow transplant got a crack in one of the plastic clamps that closes off the line when not in use.

20130305-163317.jpg See that little blue piece? That’s the one that broke. We all (including nurses) thought that intervention radiology could easily take the end cap off slip off the cracked clamp and put a new one on. Nope. They replaced the entire central line with a new one which involved twilight anesthesia and recovery time. I gave them hell about this because this is my fourth central line now since June and I was hoping to get the line out permanently in a couple months rather than getting an all new one. I’m still not sure why they had to replace it completely. The resident only had vague answers to my questions. Jerk.

But, I’m home now and I feel well. Better than my first release earlier in the week. They probably shouldn’t have sent me home in the first place because my issues weren’t completely resolved but I was opinionated and they listened to me. Hopefully this time I can stick around home for awhile and maybe even make it to physical therapy.

Here is Rachael all suited up for my c-diff contact precautions. Poor lady is a size XS and the smallest gown is a size large.


Jeffrey and I on movie night at the James.



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  1. Glad you’re home Lauren! Now stay there, okay?

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