Bent but not broken

My Monday appointment to the James for blood labs went okay. I did have a blacking out episode when standing to go to the blood draw room so I scored a wheel chair. My BP was 89/55 but no one was especially concerned since this isn’t a new symptom to me. I was able to leave after just a bag of fluid.

On Tuesday occasional lightheaded ness and dizzy spells where replaced by a constant vertigo and a low grade fever (100.0). I called the clinic and of course they want me to come in. My mother-in-law suggested that I pack a few things for the hospital since she figured they would keep me here. I said, “No, that is bad luck”. Do I believe in luck? Thankfully she was nice to bring me some clothes, power chargers for devices and slippers this morning after rush hour.

At the clinic my BP was low again and low grade fever and dizziness so they drew blood cultures to test for infection and said they would check me into the hospital overnight. I was admitted to the 3rd floor BMT unit. I’m on a different wing than before but the nurses and doctors are the same. Everyone was just a little too happy to see me. I saw the doc and the NP and we talked about what could be going on. I have had increasing pain in my previously diagnosed anal abscess area. The doctor on rotation came in and I told him I was waiting for the ass doctor. He said that he’s not the ass doctor but he may be a doctor who is an ass. He did an exam and pointed out that he “doesnt see anything impressive back there.” Then he awkwardly stammered ” I mean, as far as your sore spot looks”

On Wednesday the colorectal surgical team was called in because I finally have the blood counts to support a procedure if necessary. I was also scheduled for a CT scan to diagnose what it is. Surgical team came back and said that there doesn’t appear to be an abscess but there is a fissure which they can treat medically. I hope I’m done getting anal exams (insert inappropriate sexual reference here).

Next issue is the persistent vertigo that has been increasing in intensity since admission. My heart rate and BP are normal. Temp was low grade fever last night but normal today. The rotation doc felt that I had an infection and the other symptoms are related to that. Since an infection has been ruled out the vertigo needs to be investigated further so that I can get out of here. I’m already going to be here two nights and I don’t want to make it three. On Thursday Dr Vasu dropped one of my heart meds since I didn’t seem to need it anymore and she thought it might help lesson the dizzy spells. The vertigo could be some kind of reaction to stopping that med so the next trial is to add it back in at a lower dose.

The view from this room isn’t bad either. I can see the James courtyard Hope statue. This is where we walk to when the weather is okay and I’m aloud to leave the floor. For this stay the only time I will hopefully leave the floor is when I go home.


And to the left there is a dark, sunken alcove in front of the School of Dentistry that holds a more formidable looking statue of some old dentist dude. This secluded spot feels like a chamber because it’s surrounded on all sides by eye level mossy concrete. We’ve taken the kids here to run around. Kids who’s moms have cancer get to turn anything into a playground.


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  1. Hope you get home soon. Tell you doctors they are teases since they send you home, but then make you come back! Miss you here at Darbydale!

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