The rule is puke to the right

This morning I had to be at the hospital at 7:30 am. That is so early for me that it feels like the middle of the night. Don’t forget that I’m not well and I sleep until noon. Don’t judge me. My caregivers wake me up at 9:00 am for medication and then I just go back to sleep.

Today is day 37 post transplant. I haven’t shared my numbers in awhile so you will all be happy to see that I’m almost a normal person now.

WBC 7.5 (normal range 4.5-11.0)

HGB 11 (11.7-15.5)

PLT 198 (150-400)

My potassium levels have been normalish which is great because I hate taking those pills but my magnesium has been low since the transplant. I got IV mag every day inpatient and also on all my follow-up check-ups but last time it made me sick. I’m now on 9 pills of magnesium supplement a day to try to keep my levels up. I’m up to about 30 pills that I take a day in total not including my “as needed” medications. I did get to cut out one of my heart medications because I might be getting better from the damage from the chemo.

Bria, one of my best buds from Tucson, is here to take care of me and help out around the house. She has already reorganized the kitchen, done multiple loads of laundry, vacuumed and went to my hospital visit with me. But, mostly she’s here to lay around in pajamas with me watching movies. I have been laughing so much that my abdominal muscles hurt. Tomorrow we have big plans to go to my first post-BMT physical therapy appointment and then in the afternoon (if there isn’t a snow day) we will get Amira ready for her father/daughter dance at school.

With all our sitting and laughing and talking I still have reminders that I’m not well. Nausea hit this afternoon complete with sweating and hot flashes. Bria’s helpful answer was “The rule is puke to the right. It works on roller coasters so it probably applies to the bed too.”

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  1. I feel stupid – I finally realized there is the word “comment” at the bottom of these posts! Anyway – as far as the puke to the right rule, I guess it depends on which side of the bed you are puking from, right? Good to see that your numbers are getting up there – don’t get hung up on the number of pills you are taking, you’ll find that they become the enemy, and remember that anything that is helping you get better is your friend! Would love to send you a care package/card now and then – Jeff could send me an address message on FB if you like. Yes, I know I’ve never met you and Jeff no doubt doesn’t remember me either, but we have a lot of people in common and I love to read about your honesty and even your puking stories. There are a lot of reasons for that, but I’ll send you a letter and explain – maybe I’ll even have some good stories to make you laugh when you feel up to it, or even if you didn’t know you were up for it! Take care and continue to hang in there – will look for some pictures before the dance.

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