Day +6

Day +6

K+ 3.8
Mag 1.9
WBC .2
HGB 11.2
Plts 22

Mucositis is worse but the doc increased pain meds. I’m trying to eat some chili that my nurse, Stephanie, got me from Wendy’s

Today, my friend Ann from down the hall is taking her husband home following his stem cell transplant. He had a reduced intensity transplant and was here just 3 weeks and is doing well.

Last night when I was walking laps with Jeffrey we stopped and chatted with Ann. She has been encouraging to me and has checked on me daily. I have been very sick at times and sometimes she would just hold my hand and tell me that she is here. I noticed her necklace with an angel on it. She told me she got the piece in the hospital gift shop. Its a metal emblem made to hold and rub between your fingers. She had her jeweler at home drill a hole in it and put it on a chain for her.

She came into my room this morning before I was up to tell me goodbye for now and she put this necklace around my neck. She told me that she got herself another one already. I feel touched by her attention and affection.




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  1. So many people who care are represented in her kindness. What a beautiful thing! Continue to pray for you all. Thanks for continuing to share your progress! (I also keep up through Pat A. of course!!!)

  2. I saw your WBC was up a little when you wrote this post. Hope it is even better by the time you get this. I’m so glad that Ann’s gift lifted your spirits. Keep the temp. in your room up, its sub zero out tonight!

  3. I am sorry to hear you are feeling so ill even if it is expected. Hooray for random acts of kindness! Glad to see your posts and see one more day tackled and behind you. Big hugs.

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