Things that make me happy

I’m at day +1 which means the day after transplant. I’m still feeling crappy most of the time and haven’t been real chatty so I thought do a post of pictures of things in my room that make me feel happy and supported even when I’m hiding from the world under the covers.

The cards that I have received from friends and family. They are mostly funny and make me laugh but always are encouraging and make me feel loved.


Hospital chair with a donated purple chenille afghan and a pillow I bought using a gift card from my dad.


My friend neighbor “angel” Ann who is here with her husband brought me a sandwich from Jimmy Johns. She must have heard that I haven’t been eating and they have been threatening with tube feeding. I ate half the sandwich and it was delicious.


My friend Amy brought a lovely picture frame to put on my side table and Jon added two flameless candles. The ambiance in here is spectacular.


I had two days of eating just rice with butter and it was reminiscent of my first hospitalization when that is all I could tolerate.


This chart shows my essential blood numbers over the last 3 days. Day -1 is the day before transplant. Day 0 is the day of transplant. I had a big spike in hemoglobin with the transplant. I’m picturing the burly German boy who is definitely still in pain and probably hates me from the huge amount of cells that were extracted for me. Thanks Dude, I owe you a beer.



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  1. Dude, we ALL owe him at least a beer. Hopefully someday we can take that dude out for a drink- provided, of course that he doesn’t have specific plans on donating his liver.

    • Hey Lauren, Amy Bates with OWW here,
      I wondered if it was a man or a woman who donated……May God Bless him for the rest of his life! I am sure he was fore warned and he is probably very happy to “ride a horse save a cowgirl” so to speak. His job was big but your job is bigger! Get well soon!!! We are all praying for ya! Stay strong girl!

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