Finishing preparatory treatments

I stayed in bed until 2:00 pm today with the exception of mandatory bathroom breaks as prompted by my long suffering nurse Dave. Finally, at 2:00 I turned on my Girls Volume 1 Soundtrack for motivation to walk around the floor and stop by the kitchen. I was wearing my super cute pink leopard print pajamas with matching slippers. Only thing that sounded remotely appetizing was Macaroni and Cheese. It was probably a bad choice. I was 4 bites in when I had uncontrollable explosive diarrhea. I had to call Dave and take a shower. No fun for anyone involved but he’s said he’s seen it all. I might try some toast next. I am finished with all my chemo and radiation. There are side effects galore and the nicest BMT doctor, Dr Benson, pats my shoulder and assures me that today will be a better day.

That one incident did accomplish all of my goals for the day and now I’m beat and back in bed.

View of Campus out of my window

Picture by Victoria

A little walk outside on a 52 degree day in January.

Picture by Gabby


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  1. Sally Wise (Nora's Mom)

    Lauren, My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are certainly a person to be admired for your strength & courage. I read this in a Joel Osteen article. The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree Psalm 92:12 Have you ever seen a palm tree in the midst of a great storm? That tree may be bent so far over its almost touching the ground,but when the wind finally stops,the palm tree bounces right back up.What’s interesting is that while the palm is hunched over under the pressure of the storm,it is actually becoming stronger.God knew there would be difficult times.He knew things would come against us to try and steal our joy & victory.But God said “You’re going to be like a palm tree Lauren,because when the storms of life blow you,you are going to come right back up stronger than before.You are headed to Victory,your brightest days are right in front of you.

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