Checking in

Day one of my hospital stay is down and although I know it has only just begun I am happy to report that I am comfortable and at peace in my room. It is a good sized room with calming taupe colored walls and a huge window over looking a busy area of campus. The window is tinted so I’m not visible during the day but at night with the lights on I will need to be careful to close the door or window shade when I pee or change my clothes. I’m just above the valet parking desk of the James so maybe I’ll start to get an audience when changing in front of the open window. I can only hope for that much attention anyway.

Check in through admissions today was quick and a room was ready for me on the 3rd floor. The floor is locked to limit visitors and thus prevent infections. I am allowed visitors but I can’t have the party room this time. All visitors must wear a mask and if there is a chance of exposure then they are asked not to come. The nurses are all super friendly and helpful and I got a tour after we checked in. There is a treadmill and exercise bike since I’m expected to exercise but can’t leave the floor. The kitchen is fully stocked with drinks and snacks. I can have anything from a bowl of cereal to chicken nuggets at anytime in addition to the regular meals brought from the kitchen. I have not had a big appetite and I was NPO (can’t eat or drink anything) until after my procedure but today I had a cup of coffee, a Gatorade, 3 Hershery’s kisses, peas and half of my mashed potatoes from my dinner tray (I left the meatloaf untouched) and two Popsicles. It seemed like a lot more food to me until I typed it out.

Tomorrow I start my radiation at 6:00 am with an afternoon dose at 4:00. I am allowed to wear a pair of shorts with a hospital gown to radiation therapy. I brought a pair of blue polka dot flannel shorts that came with a cute pajama set that I got as a gift from the speech therapists at work. I will be back to my room in time for breakfast and a first nap.

I am surprisingly comfortable and at peace with my room. This hospital almost seems like a second home to me now I met my transplant doctor who will work closely with my Dr Vasu to guide me through the treatment. I was told that the worst days will be during the week following my transplant. There are a couple days that the side effects from each if my treatments intersect and it will knock me on my ass. A shower, walking, 4 times daily oral care ( using magic mouth wash and sterile water) and trying to eat are still my daily goals.

Here are the world’s best slippers that I bought at Kohls with a gift card. They are crazy comfy and so cute that I almost need a back-up pair just in case.


My dinner:



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  1. Is that a brownie with your dinner? Maybe you can smuggle desserts out of there? Sending prayers your way. Glad you are in a peaceful groove.

  2. It’s great you like your room, and find it a comforting area. May you weather well the upcoming treatments. ~Catherine

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