Cancer beauty tips plus nosebleeds

I fell asleep last night with a bunched up washcloth propped between my face and the pillow to try to stop the incessant nose bleed that has afflicted me for a full day. It was 2:00 AM and I hadn’t been able to fall asleep yet despite taking a benedryl AND an ambien earlier. The benedryl was to counter effect the histamines causing full body itching from the dose of oxycodone that I took for my sore back and leg that was lingering from my lumbar puncture. It’s a medication cycle with one med precipitating the need for another and so on. The nose bleed continued on and off all day. I took Amira to a birthday party at the bowling alley. I was trying to be normal, look normal and do normal things. I should have known better. My friend leans in close and says, “Lauren, is your nose bleeding?” Horrifying. After 10 minutes or so of not getting it to stop her husband offers to drive me home and I let him even though he made jokes about me needing to kick my coke habit. Amira stayed to finish out the party because she loves cake and friends.  I know this is my “good” time so I’m trying to get out and see and do. I will have a few months of isolation after the transplant.

I have some cancer patient fashion/beauty tips to share today:

1. Synthetic wigs look great in the rain because they do not frizz like my natural wavy hair.

2. Moisturizing cream, lots of it, put it everywhere

3. My one must have make-up item is under eye concealer so I don’t look half dead all the time.

4. When I’m not wearing pajama pants I’m wearing legging jeans tucked into boots to make an easy quick outfit that looks great but is super comfy because you are wearing LEGGINGS!

5. Clear Tegaderm from CVS is a much less noticeable central line cover than the stuff from the hospital. It’s super expensive so you have to be really vain (like me) to buy your own.

6. My lips were super dry and peeling until I switched from lip balm to pure whipped shea butter. I apply it at least a dozen times a day.

7. Chemo is actually really great for acne. I haven’t had a zit in months.

8. Steroids plump up your face diminishing the need for Botox. It’s a good thing too because I don’t have enough platelets for needle shots.

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  1. You might want to lay off the concealer and just go with the half dead look. When the Zombie apocalypse hits in a couple weeks (dec 21, if course), looking half dead while wearing synthetic hair could just save your life! :-).

  2. B, Synthetic hair and sunken eyes is both lifesaving and glamorous!

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