Hospital Update III

Jeffrey again.

Sorry for the delays in updates. Between crazy ICU visiting hours and getting kids to where they need to go, it has been hard to keep everyone up to date. I still owe the folks I update via text updates.

I am happy to report that even I have underestimate the fight Lauren has left. After yesterday’s turn to the wrong direction, I had a high energy friend of hers go with me to visit her at 1pm. At this time Lauren was on a pressure oxygen mask that literally helped her breathe for her. She was suffering from delirium and I felt was in the brink of turning this thing around or getting worse.

By 9pm last night she was back off the breathing oxygen mask and on the nose oxygen. Her Blood pressure was stabilized and seemed to be staying that way.

This morning at 5am she had made it through them night without the breathing machine. The nurse whom she butted heads with told her she needed to be able to sit in a chair to get out of the ICU. Lauren immediately said, “then bring me the chair” at 5am. The nurse said it was too early and one was not available. Lauren replied right back with, “then let’s practice!” The nurse, who has already learned that arguing with Lauren is a losing battle agreed to practice. So we got sitting up on the side of the bed. I knew then the fighting Lauren was back.

At this point she is just waiting on a bed in the James to get released. That might happen tonight. She still needs the nasal oxygen and she still isn’t the most comfortable, but she’s back.

I think even I have underestimated the fight Lauren has left. Yesterday I felt like we were on the brink of either getting this current hurdle turned around or watching things get worse. I brought her the mental support (thanks Jon, you kick ass) for the 1pm visit. By 9pm, Lauren was showing this thing who was in charge.

Lauren, you will read this post soon when you catch up on your blog. I love you, and I am so glad to have the fighting Lauren back. You have shown strength that is for most unfathomable. I know sometimes you don’t feel strong, but the doctors even see it in you. We will keep crossing these hurdles as they come. We can do it.


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  1. I am sooooo happy to read this! GO Fighting Lauren GO! Thank you for posting Jeffrey!

  2. Jeff you are a very loving man and the love you have for your wife can’t even be measured. She knows you love her and she is fighting like crazy to be able to be here for your beautiful family. Never underestimate the strength of a woman.!!! You go Lauren, you are woman hear you ROAR!!!!

  3. Amen! So glad to read the positive, positive news. I got all choked up. Keep fighting Lauren!

  4. I am so glad to hear it. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  5. God answered …fight on…the angel candle still lights the way…….

  6. You can do it. You have a great team up there to support Lauren. She has to do the brunt of the work fighting this disease, but her support with friends and family is really incredible. I’m relieved to hear things are going in the right direction. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  7. Huzzah for fighting Lauren!

  8. REALLY glad to hear this! Lauren – keep on fighting – we are all pulling for you and praying for you!!!!!! You’re both great people!!!

  9. Saying big prayers for Lauren’s continued recovery! FIGHT, LAUREN, FIGHT! xoxoxo

  10. Jeffrey: thanks so much for posting. I’ve been offline a bit and just discovered that Lauren was hospitalized, but reading your posts helps me feel connected. She’s just THAT special — and we all know it — that I have to believe she’ll keep directing nurses and making things happen. YOU, too, are pretty darn special.

  11. I am so underly impressed with u jeff! U have unfathomable amount of stress on u n u still keep pushing n encouraging everyone around u with positive reinforcements! I def believe that Laurens strength comes from the constant love u give her…even though u guys butt heads that’s what its about! I don’t think u can know Lauren n not butt heads with her at some point over something! That’s what we all love about her is she has her own ideas n thought! Ur an amazing amazing husband n father I am jus so happy that I was able 2 be apart of ur guys family! Im truly the blessed one in that deal! Anything u need u jus ask me!!!

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