This is Jeffrey.

Lauren was admitted to the hospital on Saturday and diagnosed with pancreatitis. On Sunday she had low blood pressure troubles and was moved to the ICU. They seem to have her stabilized and have her on a lot of antibiotics as an infection is the current theory as to what is wrong. Visitation is very restricted, so I have only been able to see her for about 2 hours total since her move there. Each time she has looked more stable and they were able to stop using an oxygen mask and move to just the nose oxygen for the moment. Still waiting for test results, but for now they are using broad spectrum antibiotics.

I know a lot of people are wondering about her, but I can only text so many folks to keep them up to date. I will start posting more updates here for people that want to know how she is doing.


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  1. Jeff – this is Marty Berne. Mike and I are praying! Give Lauren our love. We will not even try to intrude on the limited visits you get with her. But, if at ANY time, you would like for Mike to come there – please call. Seriously any time, day or night. I am going to just give you his numbers right here – I really don’t care who knows them! 🙂 Mike Berne at church: 869-3577 At home: 869-6284 Mike’s cell: 419-790-9006 Again – if either of you want him at any time, just say the word.

  2. Lauren will be in my thoughts. Hopefully the antibiotics do their job and she gets on the road to recovery soon. Send her my best.

  3. Thank you for updating us. Thoughts and prayers!

  4. Praying for her…. thank you for keeping us updated!

  5. Praying for a speedy recovery for Lauren. Although I don’t personally know her, I have come to know her through her blog posts. xx

  6. Thanks, Jeffrey, for taking the time to keep us updated.

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