Keeping on

I have all these pretty wigs yet I choose to wear my Dia de los muertos calavera bandana to an outdoor fall party. I’m having hot flashes and can’t stop sweating long enough to put on a wig. It was cool out but a sunny day. We contributed apples to the cider making and ate hot dogs while the kids played in the straw. I have become more of a passive observer in social situations mostly because I have to save energy by sitting down. I’ve also gone out without my head covered to physical therapy. I have a bit of thin super short bleached blonde hair that wouldn’t be my first choice of style but I kinda like it even though my father-in-law says I look like Susan Powter. Too bad I see little blonde hairs flying everywhere when I take off my hats. I don’t think it will last long. I actually had to look up a picture of Susan because I didn’t remember. When I went out I combed my hair down instead of spiking it.


I have more time in between treatments but this chemo is still intense. I get tired so easily and have strange aches and pains. Next treatment and doctor appointment are Thursday. I went in for just blood work today but my blood pressure was 81/63 and I’ve lost 6 lbs in 4 days so I scored a room and a saline drip with a consult from the doc. Despite drinking constantly I end up dehydrated because my body isn’t holding onto fluids. When standing up my BP drops and I get dizzy. I may have to get an IV pole for home.

I’ve been teaching Xander how to cook and he enjoys it because he loves to eat. So far he has made macaroni and cheese and tuna and rice casserole. We’re still working on the cleaning up part. I’m so excited for the reinforcements coming into town tomorrow. My dad and grandma are coming to see us! It will be great to have help with the kids but the company for my days at home is even better. Grandma’s cooking will likely be as good as the company. Hopefully they will be here in time for Xander’s final soccer game. I have been feeling a little better since starting allergy medications. I went in last week for an unscheduled appointment at the hospital for an earache, sore throat and congestion. They swabbed to check for viruses but it’s just the worst allergies of my life. I added three medications to my daily pills. Amira laughed and told me, “Mom, you have allergies AND leukemia.” Yes, I do. And a smart-ass little girl.





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  1. I think your hair would look GREAT that way – spiked and all! You have a perfect face for it!! Sculptured and classic. Saw Amira yesterday at church – can’t believe how grown up she looks! And all smiles! Good to see her.

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