A Pint Low

I’m feeling a little low on hemoglobin today and yesterday. It’s a recognizable feeling now so there’s no rushing to the ER. Shortness of breath and racing heart rate with fatigue. It will be Monday before my blood levels are checked and I can get a transfusion. In spite of this yesterday I went to lunch with the family, went to the grocery store (although I did have to sit down), vacuumed the house and made pumpkin muffins and applesauce with the kids. I also lounged in bed in between bursts of activity. I don’t think resting makes my blood levels any better so I just push though and do what I want to do anyway if I can. My doctor has reminded me that I’m doing really well considering what my body has been through. She has patients that are on oxygen and barely mobile. I may have to take a lot of breaks and the kitchen is a huge mess (sorry, Jeff!) but look what all I can do!

Today my heart rate was worse. We had plans to go out but Jeffrey made me do a test by walking out to the mailbox with the heart rate monitor on. First of all, it was effing cold.  When did it get cold? Second, my heart rate hit 170 on a slow walk. That means no all day outing and stay close to someplace to sit down. I need one of those walker things with the seat. Oh, and a basket to put my purse in. That would be awesome because apparently I turned 83 this month not 33.

My break is over. I have two days of chemo starting tomorrow. That place makes me anxious and irritable. It’s always a long day. A 10:30 appointment means I will be there until at least 3:00 and likely 4:00. Tomorrow I have a chemo date so I’ll pretend it’s a party. Although, all my friends who have visited me in the hospital say that I have fallen asleep on them in the middle of a sentence.  Thankfully, none of them expect much from me.

Since I have survived 3 half doses of Vincristine (the evil chemo) we are going all out with a full dose tomorrow along with another chemo drug and a third on Tuesday. I felt well most of this week until my blood numbers dropped. Not that I have a lot of obligations. Just physical therapy, getting kids on the bus and keeping up with my Spanish lessons. I also need to spend a couple hours a day in bed in pajama pants because it’s just so cozy.


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  1. I almost left a comment but I don’t know what to say. I think you should have your bloods checked if this is going on.If there wasn’t all this other crap going on you would, so why not now? Why not be as strong and healthy as you can be? And this is why I don’t comment. I can’t answer that question for you, and it is none of my business. I just hope you get better, and I hope you don’t ignore what you might think is “acceptable” or “reasonable” given your diagnosis. You, more than anyone, needs to be at their A game in every possible way (that you can be) to fight this thing. Again – I should shut up!
    Can I ask – what do you want from this blog? Do you just want to share, to release everything and/or do you want readers’ opinions?
    K x

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