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Hospital Update II

Jeffrey again.

Lauren is still in ICU. She was looking better yesterday morning and even made it off of oxygen. Late last night she had to be put back on oxygen and a full oxygen mask overnight and today. She is stable, but it is sort of a balancing act keeping all of her systems in order. She is agitated (keeps pulling at her oxygen mask and IV tubes and such) and also a bit delirious/confused.

I am working on getting a couple of her high energy friends in to visit to boost her mentally. I fear I am too down myself to be cheerleader too. First one will be here at 1pm today, the other I am just clearing with the nurses. Hoping they can pep her up a bit and boost her mental spirits to help us turn this corner.

More updates later.



This is Jeffrey.

Lauren was admitted to the hospital on Saturday and diagnosed with pancreatitis. On Sunday she had low blood pressure troubles and was moved to the ICU. They seem to have her stabilized and have her on a lot of antibiotics as an infection is the current theory as to what is wrong. Visitation is very restricted, so I have only been able to see her for about 2 hours total since her move there. Each time she has looked more stable and they were able to stop using an oxygen mask and move to just the nose oxygen for the moment. Still waiting for test results, but for now they are using broad spectrum antibiotics.

I know a lot of people are wondering about her, but I can only text so many folks to keep them up to date. I will start posting more updates here for people that want to know how she is doing.

Keeping on

I have all these pretty wigs yet I choose to wear my Dia de los muertos calavera bandana to an outdoor fall party. I’m having hot flashes and can’t stop sweating long enough to put on a wig. It was cool out but a sunny day. We contributed apples to the cider making and ate hot dogs while the kids played in the straw. I have become more of a passive observer in social situations mostly because I have to save energy by sitting down. I’ve also gone out without my head covered to physical therapy. I have a bit of thin super short bleached blonde hair that wouldn’t be my first choice of style but I kinda like it even though my father-in-law says I look like Susan Powter. Too bad I see little blonde hairs flying everywhere when I take off my hats. I don’t think it will last long. I actually had to look up a picture of Susan because I didn’t remember. When I went out I combed my hair down instead of spiking it.


I have more time in between treatments but this chemo is still intense. I get tired so easily and have strange aches and pains. Next treatment and doctor appointment are Thursday. I went in for just blood work today but my blood pressure was 81/63 and I’ve lost 6 lbs in 4 days so I scored a room and a saline drip with a consult from the doc. Despite drinking constantly I end up dehydrated because my body isn’t holding onto fluids. When standing up my BP drops and I get dizzy. I may have to get an IV pole for home.

I’ve been teaching Xander how to cook and he enjoys it because he loves to eat. So far he has made macaroni and cheese and tuna and rice casserole. We’re still working on the cleaning up part. I’m so excited for the reinforcements coming into town tomorrow. My dad and grandma are coming to see us! It will be great to have help with the kids but the company for my days at home is even better. Grandma’s cooking will likely be as good as the company. Hopefully they will be here in time for Xander’s final soccer game. I have been feeling a little better since starting allergy medications. I went in last week for an unscheduled appointment at the hospital for an earache, sore throat and congestion. They swabbed to check for viruses but it’s just the worst allergies of my life. I added three medications to my daily pills. Amira laughed and told me, “Mom, you have allergies AND leukemia.” Yes, I do. And a smart-ass little girl.




A Pint Low

I’m feeling a little low on hemoglobin today and yesterday. It’s a recognizable feeling now so there’s no rushing to the ER. Shortness of breath and racing heart rate with fatigue. It will be Monday before my blood levels are checked and I can get a transfusion. In spite of this yesterday I went to lunch with the family, went to the grocery store (although I did have to sit down), vacuumed the house and made pumpkin muffins and applesauce with the kids. I also lounged in bed in between bursts of activity. I don’t think resting makes my blood levels any better so I just push though and do what I want to do anyway if I can. My doctor has reminded me that I’m doing really well considering what my body has been through. She has patients that are on oxygen and barely mobile. I may have to take a lot of breaks and the kitchen is a huge mess (sorry, Jeff!) but look what all I can do!

Today my heart rate was worse. We had plans to go out but Jeffrey made me do a test by walking out to the mailbox with the heart rate monitor on. First of all, it was effing cold.  When did it get cold? Second, my heart rate hit 170 on a slow walk. That means no all day outing and stay close to someplace to sit down. I need one of those walker things with the seat. Oh, and a basket to put my purse in. That would be awesome because apparently I turned 83 this month not 33.

My break is over. I have two days of chemo starting tomorrow. That place makes me anxious and irritable. It’s always a long day. A 10:30 appointment means I will be there until at least 3:00 and likely 4:00. Tomorrow I have a chemo date so I’ll pretend it’s a party. Although, all my friends who have visited me in the hospital say that I have fallen asleep on them in the middle of a sentence.  Thankfully, none of them expect much from me.

Since I have survived 3 half doses of Vincristine (the evil chemo) we are going all out with a full dose tomorrow along with another chemo drug and a third on Tuesday. I felt well most of this week until my blood numbers dropped. Not that I have a lot of obligations. Just physical therapy, getting kids on the bus and keeping up with my Spanish lessons. I also need to spend a couple hours a day in bed in pajama pants because it’s just so cozy.

Stupid Fun-Ruining Cancer

I know I have blog followers who don’t have facebook so I thought I’d repost here since I think it is well said and hilarious. It goes along with my previous post about Pinktober. Link goes to my number 2 source for news. Okay, okay, it’s my number 1 source for news.

The Silliest Pink Crap That Won’t Cure Breast Cancer Money Can Buy


One of the most grating micro-trends in the Breast Cancer Awareness industry is the tendency for some vendors and awareness groups to sanitize the disease into something cute or sexy. Save the Ta-Ta’s! I HEART BOOBIES! As though the biggest tragedy of breast cancer isn’t the pain and suffering caused to women and their families, but to the hoards of breast-aficionados who are DEPRIVED THE SIGHT OF JIGGLING NATURALS thanks to stupid fun-ruining cancer.