I wish I could say that I’ve been too busy to keep up with my blog but the truth is that I’ve been in bed since Wednesday evening following my chemo and lumbar puncture. The LP went fine. My spinal fluid was clear and the chemo injected. I didn’t get an immediate spinal headache but I had back, neck and head ache that radiates down my arms and legs. And I’ve been really really tired with shortness of breath when I move around. I would force myself to get up but all I could think about was going back to bed. Not much to blog about there. I’ve been reading and watching TV and practicing spanish on duolingo.com. I’ve had awesome friends come to visit and we lay in our pajamas in bed and watch TV. I love my friends!

I woke up Monday morning still fatigued and with a bit of a headache. I managed to get the kids ready for school. Xander is independent now just needs reminders to move from one step to the next. I got Amira dressed and her hair pulled up into pigtails and checked their lunches. Then I was exhausted and ready to go back to bed at 8:30am. I decided to go ahead and call the hospital clinic to see if how I’ve been feeling is normal for this chemo. They wanted me to come in for blood work so we make an unscheduled trip to the James. They determined that I was dehydrated so I got a liter of fluids while waiting on blood work. I also got a lovely James nap. Blood work showed I was low in all areas I was supposed to be low in but nothing low enough to require a transfusion. Before going home they sent me for a chest x-ray and we still don’t have the results of that.

It’s so very frustrating to suffer this set back since I had been doing better. I felt like I had made progress. I was driving and getting stronger with physical therapy. I may be starting over again with my rehab. I’ve already had my morning nap today so I’m considering proceeding with my plans. I feel like I have to take advantage of the times when I feel well.

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  1. I agree, move forward when you feel well enough to do so. I loved having pajama day with you! ❤

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