Is it October already?

They are starting October early this year at Kroger. It must be a very profitable month for them. Now begins the time that I avoid shopping at Kroger for a month. I’ve written on this topic before as have many, many other breast cancer bloggers who have already said it all and better than I can. If you missed my original post “Breast Cancer is Now Accepting Donations” you can find it here.

Kroger has their pink light bulbs on and their display of useless pink crap you can buy. They prominently display brands that have incorporated a pink logo onto their products packaging. It seems like an agreement between companies that is mutually exploitative. Kroger promotes breast cancer at the store and if a yogurt company (for example) also promotes breast cancer they will get a big pretty display from which they will sell more product. This is how it appears to me. A promotion or celebration of breast cancer. They make it pink and pretty and use the word breast because it is profitable for them. Kroger would not be doing this if they didn’t get something out of it. How about colon cancer month? Would that be as popular? Nope, because it’s not as fun or pretty. The degrading of the seriousness of the disease by covering it in pink tulle is what I find annoying. What I find offensive are the profits that companies make off of using the breast cancer ribbon.

At the check out you are asked if you would like to donate $1 to “help” breast cancer. Jeffrey politely says, “No, thank you” then as an aside to me, “We’ve already donated at least $60,000 to breast cancer”. I ask the cashier what organization the money was going to. She said she didn’t know, just to breast cancer. She asked the manager on duty who was close by and he looked around for a second then said, “uhh, Spielman” He was referring to the Stephanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center which is a part of the OSU James network. He said it with such uncertainty that I had to look it up at home. Nothing on the website mentioned Spielman. I followed up on Monday with a call to the general manager at my Kroger. He was able to explain that nationwide all the money is collected and then divided among the various charities they support including Komen, Speilman and ACS. I told the manager that I felt it was important to display where the money is going and the cashiers should be able to answer that question. I know I’m not going to get them to cancel their pink party but talking about the funding destination is vital.

I could go on and on about the damage Komen has done but so many writers have said it better than me before. I’ll leave you with a few links. Readers, if you have any good blog posts on this subject please post in the comments.

Websites to check out for more information:

Think before you pink

Is there pink fatigue?

Welcome to Cancerland

This is a pink ribbon under a pink light bulb and the football balloons have pink O’s on them.



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  1. Hersheys and Mars Co. could sponsor Colon Cancer awareness month. I am sure THAT would go over real well!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if all these companies just plain make more money “battling” breast cancer and many other types of life threatening illnesses. But finding the cause doesn’t make for good press and advertisement. Maybe the causes are actually connected to the very livelihood of our industry, business and modern life? I’m with u Lauren,no pink ribbons for me.

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