Chemo and vomit

This weekend Amira was sick with a fever so I was quarantined away from her. Xander had an appointment that he needed to get to on Friday afternoon so I decided to drive him. I’ve been driving for the last couple weeks or so but not really hauling kids around. I’ve been feeling okay so went ahead and took him. He was a little concerned but I promised him I would not throw up. I swore to him that I would not throw up. Should not have done that. I’ve been feeling queasy but took meds so I thought I’d be fine.

Then I started getting the sweats.  I could feel my stomach rejecting the sandwich I ate hours earlier for lunch. Thankfully I made it to a public restroom and away from my poor child before dry heaving. Vincristine sucks and I only had a 50% dose. Xander’s only requests are that he doesn’t want to see my bald head and he doesn’t want to see me throw up. He just wants everything to be normal so I try to give him normal when I can. He asked today how long would I be sick. I really wish I knew what to tell him.

We are all watching and waiting for the possible severe side effect from this drug. So far I am doing okay. My heart rate is normalish although it does spike when I stand and I’m on medication to keep it down.  I do feel a little tickle in my larynx area but it’s probably just my imagination.

If the symptoms hold off we will be officially starting the Phase 3 of chemo on Tuesday. This is the beginning of the maintenance phase. I finished induction chemo at the hospital and consolidation chemo last week. The last phase is maintenance and it lasts the longest. This is to keep the leukemia from coming back. We continue this for years because of the high risk of relapse. Phase 3 looks suspiciously like phase 1 in that it uses a lot of the same drugs just spread out 10 days apart instead of 7 days. The transplant is still an option if we decide it is necessary at some point but for now we are continuing with chemo.

I thought maybe I would get a little break. It would be nice to have a couple days where I didn’t feel sick and tired. Of course, I don’t know what I would do with myself. I’m already going crazy at home with the kids at school and nothing to do. I need to get my strength up before starting some small projects that I want to do. Like dump the entire contents of the kids rooms in the trash while they are at school. Or  weed the flower beds. The doctors showed horror that I would consider gardening because of the risk of infection from fungus and bacteria in the soil. I’m doing Spanish lessons on and thinking of other ways to keep busy on the days I don’t go to the hospital.

I broke out the fall wardrobe this week since the evenings are cool. Here I am at Xander’s soccer game.


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