Look Good, Feel Better

I attended a class today sponsored by the American Cancer Society called Look Good, Feel Better. It’s designed to help women undergoing chemo learn make-up tips for the changes in our skin and learn how to handle scarves and wigs. The class was located at the James Breast health center and run by volunteers. One volunteer was a licensed hair stylist and make-up artist and the other two volunteers were essentially cheerleaders. I was really just there for the swag as I hear they have major companies donating to these events. I was not disappointed.

Walking in they had the room set up with tables facing each other and set with flowers and cupcakes and make-up. What could be better than that? The volunteers nearly attacked me with their kindness since they all want to be my new best friend since I have cancer and need their help. I accepted a drink but the thought of a cupcake turns my stomach. I haven’t been eating sweets at all since I can’t stomach them. It’s expanded beyond the aversion to chocolate to include all desserts. Anyway, back to the pep rally makeup party. There were 4 women in attendance. Since it was at the breast center I expected more breast cancer. There was one older woman finishing chemo for breast cancer, a woman in her forties dealing with her second bout of ovarian cancer and a woman my age sitting next to me with Leukemia. This was a surprise to me and I was thankful to meet someone my age. She is a few months ahead in diagnosis and is getting her bone marrow tested to see if she will have a transplant or continue on to maintenance chemo. She also has two children. It was nice to not feel so alone in this.

We watched a short, cheesy video about looking good and feeling better and then we were guided through the stages of applying the various make-up. This kit has everything and it’s mostly good stuff. Brands include Chanel, Clinique, Arden, Estee Lauder etc. The stylist volunteer showed us how to put on eyebrows and the other two ooohed and aaahed from the sidelines. Next came the wigs. Horrible, scary wigs from a big box. I decided to play along and I got put in a short, red Reba McEntire do. The older ladies just loved it on me. I couldn’t stop laughing from the absurdity. I took a picture but don’t dare share it because then people might think I like country music.

Overall it was a positive experience because of the free stuff and the people I met. Well done, ACS.






They put me in some dark lipstick that I’m not quite sure about:


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  1. Lipstick looks great!!!

  2. Come on – tell the truth! You’re a closet country fan!!!!

  3. I like the lipstick! I’m a fan of bright colors on lips. πŸ™‚

  4. I love the lipstick! Looks great on you πŸ™‚ Please post red hair pic!!!

  5. Sally Wise (Nora's Mom)

    You are truly one of the bravest, sweetest gals I know. You set a fantastic example for others. Keep up the great spirit.

  6. Read this post early this am. Realized much later today that you are wearing a wig. It looks THAT real! And that good. I like the red lips too! Hot momma

  7. So, who is that girl in the picture? Just kidding! But, wow you look like your participating in the Miss America Pageant!

  8. You look fantastic – love the dark lipstick.

  9. I heard that the ACS workshops were worthwhile. However, you are gorgeous even without all of their freebies!

  10. The lipstick looks good! I want to see the red wig! Miss you, but not enough to have you back πŸ™‚

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