Phase 2 of chemo complete

Does anyone want to guess my platelet count yesterday? I won’t make you do a poll. 🙂 A normal person have a platelet count of between 150-450. The nurses will not give me a shot unless my platelets are at 50. The hospital anesthesiologist prefers (but never gets) a count of 100.

I was down to 8 platelets. My hemoglobin was also crazy low so I got a large transfusion of platelets and a separate transfusion of red blood cells. Donate blood, y’all! I think I might be a vampire because I feel really good tonight. I have had shortness of breath because the hemoglobin is what carries the oxygen to cells. My breathing has been inefficient. I feel like I can take a deep breath now. Nothing was wrong with my lungs there just wasn’t anything to carry the oxygen.

Since I’m non-symptomatic right now I have been given permission to drive. Tomorrow, I will be driving myself to the store for the first time since late May, I think. This is a long time for me to be dependent and I’m looking forward to some freedom! I feel 16 again.

Friendship quote of the day by B, “”A little more suckyness for more betterness later.” She is right. While trying to stay in the moment I can also look forward and believe that this will be over someday.


I got dressed for our Labor Day celebration and I kept clothes on a for a few hours before changing back into my pajamas. Jeffrey took a picture. My face is still puffy from the roids and no one told me that my “stripper tassels” were sticking out but I think the shot came out nice

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  1. You look great!!!! Miss you!

  2. I think I need to know where you got that necklace! You look gorgeous and the wig looks so much like your real hair! ❤ you!

  3. You look beautiful! I’m so glad that phase two is complete.

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