Day off

Even chemo patients get a day off for Labor Day. So far, I’ve spent it in bed. Yesterday was a good day but today is rough. We are going ahead with our cook out anyway because friends cheer me up and they don’t expect a whole lot out of me anymore. I managed to make a delicious broccoli and provolone quiche for our lunch.

The doctors gave me three days of steroids last week to try to help me through the worst of the nausea and fatigue. It was like a miracle drug and I felt good most of the week. I also felt very hungry. I think I put on 10 lbs this week and it is probably mostly from sour cream. I sat around thinking of things I could put sour cream on. Steroid cravings are like nothing else. I don’t mind the extra pounds. I’ll need some in reserve in case of another long hospital stay. The roids have worn off now but a friend made me some delicious oatmeal peanut butter cookies that I eat one at a time from the freezer like medicine.

Tomorrow we are back at The James for a dose of apegaspargase. This chemo drug has a high chance of allergic reaction so they give lots of pre-meds that knock me out. I’ve got in the habit of taking a nap daily at the hospital anyway. I took my last oral chemo pills last night so this dose will conclude the consolidation phase. I will have phases one and two done with how many to go? We hopefully get those answers on Thursday. Phase 3 of my trial focuses mostly on multiple doses of Vincristine. This is the chemo that caused the autonomic neuropathy and peripheral nerve damage resulting in my tachycardia, voice, swallowing and hearing problems. The voice and swallowing have drastically improved (Thanks Kate!) but I’m still on meds for my heart. More doses could result in permanent damage so I will likely skip those doses. The question becomes what will be given instead?

Picture of my daily pill sorter.


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  1. Hang in there Lauren! You’re doing great! I think of you every day. Hugs.

  2. If you had a whole month off from being sick – what would you do with it?
    Please only answer this if you are up to it.

  3. Wow – I am refreshed to here that. I thought that would be the last thing you might think of, and as a working mum who has the occasional pang of guilt that it is good to hear. You look fantastic – have a great day. Kay

    • Our lives have been completely thrown off track so all I long for is a bit of normal. I want to go to work and go shopping and go out to dinner with my friends. Normal, everyday things sound great to me.

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