Poll of all Polls

We won’t know for a week yet what the plan is for next round. I will either continue another round of chemotherapy either on the maintenance phase or go for a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Allogenic means that it comes from another person. And since they remove the marrow via apherisis vs. manual it is really more of a stem cell transplant. I really need to read that book more closely. It’s just so boring!

Dr. Vasu will call me as soon as she has info on the potential donor but that is only part of the answer. The transplant is scary scary for me with lots of potential complications that could go on for years. The question is if I need it or not.

Here’s the big poll!


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  1. I guessed on my vote because to reduce problems you need as close as a match as possible but I can’t remember if 10 is optimal or minimum:) I don’t know enough except watching my friend Kelly last year go through similar choices with her cancer treatments.

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