Book review

I have not attempted to read any cancer books myself aside from the informational booklets that have been given to me by the doctor. But, I got a cute picture book for the kids. It’s called Nowhere Hair by Sue Glader. Link  Amira’s favorite line from the book is “We don’t get to the park as much; Mom likes the couch a lot”. She thinks that’s hilarious.

The book uses simple language to talk about where mom’s hair might have gone and she looks different but is still the same. It briefly mentions “medicine to cure her cancer” but does not go into detail. This is perfect for Amira’s age but Xander wants more information. He asks difficult questions about how chemo cures cancer and wants to know the details. I give him the books from the doctor and let him ask as many questions as he wants. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to everything. He understands much more than his sister. From the beginning we were honest and told him that I have cancer in my blood. I remember him thinking for a minute and then saying, “That can’t be good because your blood goes all through your body.”

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