Results are in

Thanks, almost everyone, for participating in my little poll. Should we have a poll about whether we have more polls on this blog? The results of yesterday’s poll show that you all are either optimists or don’t really understand what the chemo is doing to my body. My neutrophil count as of Thursday was 80. This put me in the high risk for severe infection category. The chemo kills off everything. And then hopefully my numbers will start to come back but without any leukemia cells. I got a transfusion of platelets last week but I think I’m going to need full blood transfusion on Monday. I can tell that my hemoglobin level is low because the number on Thursday was low and it was trending downward. I have had loss of energy and shortness of breath from small activities. I am more an observer in activities this weekend.

Here is the fam getting ready for their 3 mile bike ride/run. Jeffrey runs while the kids ride. Now that Amira is off training wheels she can keep up with the boys. When they got to the hill she said , “All right!” I hope she never loses that spunk.


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  1. I was trying to be optimistic. :/

  2. sorry Lauren but you will spring back in no time I am sure of it. You have to many reasons not to after I see this pic of the fam. I am cheering for A she is just like her mommy… Stong and rearing to go!!!! Rest up for a bit kiddo and enjoy some alone time.

  3. Chemo is totally destructive and difficult (I’ve done it as well), but nevertheless I couldn’t help voting with optimism. Maybe it’s just human nature to be hopeful for others? And on that note, I hope your count raises steadily and without any cancer cells.

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