Leukemia Boots

When you keep a cancer blog and you take a few days off from updating sometimes people start to wonder if everything is okay. I’m still here and I’m doing great actually. I’m at The James for my Monday lumbar puncture and intrathecal chemo. For those who haven’t kept up with their vocabulary words that means chemo injected into my spinal fluid to directly treat the central nervous system for the possibility of rogue leukemia cells that might be hiding. I also get another bag of chemo via IV. My platelet count is low today so I’m also scoring a transfusion of platelets. Don’t forget to go donate blood. I’m using a lot of blood and I hear there is a shortage at the Red Cross.

We had a good weekend despite my low blood counts. On Saturday we met a group of friends at the park. They kids got to play and ride their bikes. We were there for 2.5 hours and I started to get tired by the end but it felt great to be outside. Sunday morning I talked Jeffrey into taking us on an outing to Target. He needed some convincing because he didn’t want me at a public place on the weekend. But, I convinced him that if we went early there wouldn’t be a lot of people. I wore a mask and walked around Target with the fam almost like a normal person.

I also ordered Leukemia boots this weekend from the Nordstrom sale. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society sent me my consolation prize for getting a diagnosis. During my stay at Hotel James Cancer Center the social worker told us we didn’t qualify for any financial assistance but the LLC sends a check to every person with a diagnosis. For no other reason than just being lucky enough to get cancer. At first I thought I should rip up the check and consider it a donation. But then I decided, what the hell, I have cancer, I’m keeping the damn check. I thought it would be useful for all the co-pays for meds etc. After pondering the banality of co-pays I decided that instead of being responsible I would purchase something to amp up my chemo day outfits for fall. All of my fall/winter boots have at least a 3 inch heel and heels don’t go well with my dizziness and instability. So, I ordered much needed knee high leather boots with a low wedge heel. Free pair of boots with every diagnosis should be the new standard. Thank you LLC! I will consider it a loan for now.



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  1. Beautiful boot(s)! Sometimes you just need to feel good, eh? Whether it’s going for a walk through Target, enjoying the sunshine or getting new shoes. Feeling good is such a satisfying thing – it’s gotta be healthy too.


  2. I love the boots!!!! They are awesome!! Very cute!!

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