The big breakfast sandwich review

Things are getting way too serious around here so I’m throwing in a fun post. I special ordered my breakfast in the hospital because the off the menu items were awful. I ordered a toasted bagel with a turkey sausage patty and a slice of cheese.

James cancer hospital turkey sausage bagel sandwich

Toasting a bagel and cooking a sausage patty in the morning at home is more than I can do right now so Jeffrey got some pre-made frozen breakfast sandwiches from the store. First up was Bob Evans sausage and cheese sandwiches. These are pork sausage not turkey and two tiny sandwiches (1 serving) are a surprising 310 calories. All you do it take them out of the package and put them in the microwave. You’d think the bun would get either hard or soggy but they have perfected the chemical composition of this bread to withstand a freezer and a microwave. I’m sure that there are carcinogenic ingredients but I’ve eaten “clean” most of my adult life and got cancer. Twice. I’m not afraid of GMO and preservatives.

These tasted good but they are tiny and the bun is boring and they are high calorie. Xander says they are chewy.

Bob Evans Sausage and Cheese Sandwiches

The last one I tried was the Jimmy Dean turkey sausage croissants. These sandwiches are the same size as the hospital bagel sandwiches. They have turkey sausage, cheese, egg whites and are on a croissant! Delicious! The directions have you defrost in the microwave and then cook on high for 50 seconds. Again, these have been chemically engineered to exit the microwave in perfect constitution. The croissant is soft. The cheese melted and the meat and egg cooked through but not hard. They also taste really good. Even with chemo stomach. I don’t know how much Jeffrey paid for these at the grocery but until I’m strong enough to make my own breakfast these are the winner.

Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage croissant

It’s nice to be home and I’m enjoying my 3 day break from the hospital. We are due back Monday but I have the weekend off. I’m feeling the effects of the chemo but nothing too severe. I’m super tired. Like haven’t slept in days tired. And I’m queasy most of the time. I have good drugs for the queasy stomach that help me eat. I fight the tired just enough to get some exercise in. Today I did a load of laundry start to finish all by myself and walked to the end of the driveway twice. Don’t laugh at me. I have a long driveway.

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  1. Yeah, Lauren! Loved your “review”. Hope during this part of chemo you feel good enough to do some of the thing you enjoy. But are you sure about laundry? lol – janine

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