Home, again

My Monday trip to OSU for chemo and doctor visit turned into a 2 night stay at the James.  My central line sprung a leak during chemo infusion which sent nurses scurrying and doctors running. I then developed a low grade fever that they feared was related to the open central line. We were in the clinic until about 10:30 when we were moved back to our beloved 10th floor. Different room since our old one was taken but same staff. Everyone was both happy and sad to see us. We were only home for 4 days before coming back.  I had to wait all day Tuesday to get my line replaced so Jeffrey worked while I watched HBO and slept.  By the time I got my line in and received the chemo that I missed the day before it was 10:30 pm so they just decided to keep me over since I was supposed to be back by 9:30 in the morning.  Today I got my chemo and saw the doctors and was out of there by 12:30.  We go back in tomorrow for another bag of chemo and hopefully that will complete our week of treatments.

I came home to my hair in the mail! This totally makes my week. I love my Hat With Hair. I’m so thankful for the family and friends who made this possible.  I wasn’t going to spend the money on my own since it’s a splurge to use my own hair but I’m so happy for the contributions that made it possible.  It’s the perfect length and color and texture because it is MY hair. It’s also very comfortable compared to a full wig. Jon is going to need to trim the bangs and style it a little but it’s not bad even now!



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  1. Bonnie Strozinsky

    I love the hair! Sorry you had to spend a couple of days in, but sounds like it was the right place to be. Glad you are home now.

  2. That looks so excellent. How wonderful your friends and family helped make that possible. Sorry to hear you had a those line and chemo woes, but glad the week is nearly over for you. And thank goodness for HBO. A good distraction is worth so much.


  3. It really is your hair! That’s so cool!!!

  4. Looks beautiful Lauren! Also loved the pic of Amira herding chickens with her super soaker – what a woman! Mike and I think of you always and pray for you every day!

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