2012 Be The One Run – Columbus

I’ve posted about this on facebook but for those who just follow my blog I will post about it here.  Jeffrey, Alexander and Amira will be running in the Be The One Run in Columbus on Saturday. They have a team of friends who are joining them. The team name is Breaking Blood and includes several children running. The goal of this organization is to raise money for blood and bone marrow matching services and raise awareness of the need for bone marrow donors. It costs $100 to process each new bone marrow registrant and so far we have raised $575 as a team. I am currently being matched with potential donors in case a bone marrow transplant becomes the best option for me.

Our website:  LINK

In addition to this the Be The One Run Columbus organization have asked Xander and Amira to do the countdown to the start of the race on Saturday. They came across our team website and said they like to involve as many patient participants as possible. With chemo all this week I don’t know how I will be feeling Saturday but I’m planning on attending with a wheelchair, a mask and a pocket full of pills.  The doctor approved my attendance under these stipulations. Xander is running the 1K and he is practicing by running at home and at the park. He ran one mile one day this week. Amira is running the tot trot and since she is constantly running around we consider that her practice.

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  1. Dona Holmstrom

    I am glad you are posting this here since I am not your friend on Facebook. I can’t find you lol. I hope you feel well enough to attend and cheer for them. They will love it!!! I love your hair!! It looks great!!!

  2. I’m incognito on FB! No one can find me. Thanks for the support.

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