Good news, Bad news, good news, bad news

Dr. Vasu called yesterday afternoon with news from my bone marrow biopsy. There were no leukemia cells present in the sample. This means my induction phase of chemo was successful that I am able to move past the induction phase and into the consolidation phase. The goal of consolidation is to destroy any remaining leukemia cells to prevent relapse. In my course of treatment the consolidation seems just as intense as the induction but I’ll be doing it outpatient instead of inpatient. Phase 2 starts Monday morning at OSU and will include a lumbar puncture with intrathecal (injected into the spine) meds and two other chemo meds given by IV. They will probably also run labs and I’ll see the doctor. It will likely be a long day. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I also go in for shorter appointments just to get a shot. I don’t know what the shot is but I’m hoping for something fruity with vodka.

I’ve been home a couple days now and I’ve been doing okay with lots of assistance. I move around between my bed, the recliner and the couch. I make it to the kitchen for snacks frequently also. My appetite has been good and my mother-in-law has been checking in on me and bringing me food. My weight is still down but it’s mostly muscle loss so I hope to get it back when I start physical therapy. I’ve always been an athletic person so it is disturbing to me to look down and see chicken legs. Jeffrey actually said I look scrawny. 

It hasn’t been quite as bad this time but I’ve had the ache and stiffness from the last spinal. I was sent home with the same prescriptions I had in the hospital and similar to with the nurses I have to ask for pain and nausea meds. Jeffrey has complete control of the meds. He’s got them coded and organized and has a spreadsheet for tracking use. He even has an ipad app with reminders set. I probably need it with my chemo brain but I feel pretty helpless. 

It’s hard to be excited for the good news for long because it always seems to be followed up by something bad. I got a call today from the transplant coordinator at the hospital. My brothers are both only half matches and will not be able to donate bone marrow to me for transplant. I must have sounded pitiful because just a little bit later she called back after scanning the registry for potential donors. She told me that there are several potential donors already present on the registry and they will pursue those as matches for me. My cure is in the bones of a stranger.


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  1. My donor kit is in the mail today so I’ll be in the database soon. Hang in there kiddo, the universe works in mysterious ways.

  2. You and your family are in my prayers. Thinking of you all, xoxo

  3. I am so glad the biopsy came back clear! That sucks about your brothers, but keep the faith, your donor angel is out there – you will get your transplant.

  4. ” I don’t know what the shot is but I’m hoping for something fruity with vodka.” Your sense of humor is amazing Lauren! If a good attitude can aid in your treatment, you’re cured.

  5. Good news, bad news – for sure it’s hard to celebrate too long, but nevertheless great that she called you back with some reassurance. Congratulations on a good biopsy. That is VERY good news. 🙂


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