A holiday at the hospital

Last night for Red, White and Boom a few friends came out to see what kind of view we could get of the fireworks from the James. My room faces north but the fireworks display was south of campus at downtown. The day shift nurse left with instructions for the night nurses to get maintenance to open the office with windows that face south. Victoria, Daniel, Jon and my dad got me prepped to leave the room. This is not an easy thing to do. My heart rate is too high when standing so I get dizzy and could pass out so we have to take a wheelchair. We were able to consolidate my two pump IV into one and hook it one the wheelchair pole. We got my heart rate monitor secured and my body balanced in the seat. Jon grabbed a blanket in case I got cold and we were ready to make the trek across the hall.

Then, the night nurses come in and tell us that maintenance would not open the office for viewing but they had a plan B and to just wait. They came through for us by finding a room one floor up that had large windows and enough space. One elevator ride and we were there. After some rearranging of curtains to reduce glare we were able to see fairly well considering, We made our own music that was really just us making smart-ass remarks the whole time. Perfect!


I fell asleep soon after getting back to the room while everyone got stuff put back away. Of course, the nurses woke me up in order to give me my sleeping pill. They are always good for that.

Today for the actual 4th, all the patients get holiday pillow cases sewn by volunteers. Very festive!


I was allowed a quick “walk” off the floor today. Jeffrey pushed me outside for exactly 15 minutes. Since I’m on the tele for my heart rate we have to stay mostly close by. This was my first time outside in over a week and it hit me hard how much I was missing. It’s just the 4th of July so no big deal but with excitement and festivities going on around me today it has contributed to the trapped feeling. I feel overwhelmed and tired of this. Sometimes I just want to quit and go home but I know that that’s not an option and the feeling will pass.


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  1. I know you feel trapped inside but let me tell you, it’s fucking horribly hot outside! Walked 8 or so blocks to sit on railroad tracks to see fireworks which my foot did not like one bit. By 10pm it was still so hot that my combined hot flashes made me feel nauseous. Went to the Doo Dah parade and while it was fun to take a friend who had never seen it, I can’t remember it ever feeling so hot and we had to park another 8 blocks away do by the time I got home I was overheated and nauseous again. Of course I realize that none of this even begins to compare to your discomfort but I just thought I’d let you know that you couldn’t have picked a better time to be sequestered in an air conditioned hospital! I’m sure it was totally planned that way….. 😉

  2. ((((Lauren))))

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