13 days since chemo started

I was told the worst would be between 14-21 days. I’ve been miserable but due to my other complications. The spinal headache is seeming to ease up a bit but I’ve also been trying to stay on top of the medication before it gets bad. I’m not even taking the maximum amount allowed so that’s good.

The tachycardia continues to be a major problem. I hit 178 beats per minute walking to the bathroom today. It’s very frustrating to need to stay in bed all day. And its also scary not knowing what is going on.

Cardiologist came back today to discuss options. They do not have a definitive answer on the fluid around my heart but they are going to do a procedure to measure pressure within the ventricles to see if the fluid is a plausible explanation for the tachycardia. These measurements are taken via a heart catheter inserted through my neck or groin. The options next are to drain the fluid or look at a different possible cause.

I was made NPO at midnight for this cardio procedure. It is now 4:30 and I’m supposed to be next in line. I feel weak and tired from not eating and also have the spinal headache and nausea from the pain meds. Hopefully I’ll get in soon because I have a dinner date sceduled this evening with soup from Panera and I’m hungry!

I have lost significant amount of weight since I’ve been here but it’s all fluids and muscle loss from inactivity. I asked about doing some light arm weight or band exercises but I was told my platelets are too low and there is a risk of petechaie developing on my skin.

That’s where we are in the medical stuff. Lots of waiting and not knowing. Im taking lots of naps.

I did have energy this morning to play around with my borrowed wig cap thing practiced trying scarves. The scarves will take some practice. I need to look at some YouTube videos or something.

The scarves sewn by Victoria that have some kind of structure are easier to tie position. Jacki, a friend of a friend, what gratuitous enough to loam me one of her underhair wigs while I wait for mine to be made. I had energy this morning to get it out and play. There are many options with these wigs

Here it is with a scarf and a fedora.


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  1. Love love LOVE the fedora!!!!!

  2. Bonnie Strozinsky

    I love your pictures & the spirit that goes with them. I heard that the heart cath turned out OK so that is good news. They will get it sorted out, just wish they could hurry it up! Hope all goes ok with your next round of chemo. Thinking of you, Lauren. You are amazing and will beat this.

  3. I think the wig looks great on you! Now if only you could feel as good as you’d look, you’d be set. Fingers crossed for answers and a surge of energy 🙂

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