Fun with costumes

I’ve continued to feel shitty over the last couple of days. My tachycardia is worse. I hit 170 beats per minute just brushing my teeth. The cardiologist examined me today and while I have a mild to moderate amount of pericardia effusion he does not feel it needs to be drained over the weekend because it may not even be the cause of the problem. Meanwhile, bed rest for me and it’s starting to wear me down.

Other issue is my spinal headache following Tuesday’s lumbar puncture. I finally got to see an anesthesiologist today about a blood patch. He said I have a classic spinal headache but he’s not going to do anything about it. He said of the 80 anesthesiologists in the hospital none of them would touch me with a blood patch. The reason for this is because my platelets are too low and there is a risk of introducing leukemia cells into the CNS. He said I’ll just have to wait out the headache. He said he’s never seen it last more than 2 weeks.

Tomorrow is another visit with the cardiologist and also an endocrinologist to try to figure out my tachycardia. It’s so frustrating to feel so sick all the time and not have answers.

In the meantime I have started trying on various alternative head wear. One of the PCAs told me that my floral scarf and big hoop earrings make me look like a pirate. He went to find me an eyepatch. And then he made me a hook hand. Argh!!



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  1. Grace under pressure — that is YOU!

  2. God love you for finding your smile !!! Arrrgh!!!

  3. Katie Ferrito

    Humor through the pain is like dancing in the rain…I just wish you felt as sweet as you look:(

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