Stuck in the room

I got my fourth chemo medication yesterday evening. This one is given alone because of a high risk of allergic reaction. I was given Benadryl and Ativan for pre-meds so I really just slept through the infusion and I think there was a visitor? In spite of this the party room was still able to entertain for movie night. We got pizza and a second dose of Ativan cut my nausea enough that I was able to eat some. I don’t remember what the movie was but the pizza and company was good!

My other issue is that I have been labelled orthostatic. This is measured by taking my heart rate and blood pressure while laying down, again while sitting and again while standing. I failed this test in the morning and evening yesterday. My blood pressure is plummeting upon sitting and standing while my heart rate is increasing. The nurses didn’t believe my heart rate went as high as it did so they redid it manually. Because of this I can’t get up without an assist. This is frustrating because sometimes I just want my Chapstick but its across the room and I don’t want to page someone to come in. They are super nice and don’t mind but it bothers me. Jeffrey was able to stay the night last night which was helpful because some awesome friends took both kids for a sleepover.

I feel better this morning than yesterday. My EKG was normal and my lungs are clear so the explanation I’m given is that I lost too much fluid in a 24 hour time frame. Their solution? Pump me back full of fluids. That sucks because I was really enjoying the flat stomach that I came in with instead of the dreaded steroid bloat. But, if it lets me walk again that is good. Today we are planning to take a walk outside but I will need to use a wheel chair and a mask of course. When we get back I will be getting a full transfusion of A+ because my hemoglobin is low. Other than that it is Saturday and I’m looking forward to having visitors. Hopefully I don’t fall asleep on them.

One of my favorite visitors.




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