The thing about hair…

This morning I showered and got ready for my day just like normal. This includes most of my normal routines because it makes me feel less like a sick person. The oncology fellow came in and laughed at me for unplugging my IV to plug in my flat iron. I had several morning visitors so I wanted to do my hair. We talked a bit about the hair loss. It will definitely be falling out in 14 days but could start as soon as 7 days. I’ve been thinking some about cranial prosthesis (wigs) and considering the length of my chemo treatment schedule (2 years 4 months) I’m going to need several options. Xander has specifically requested not to see mom with a bald head. I really like my hair and it makes me sad to lose it so I’ve been looking at a company in Florida Hats with Hair who will turn your hair into a wig like thing that doesn’t have hair on top and you wear it under a hat or scarf. I could get cheaper underhair but there is something comforting to be able to use my own hair. My amazing friend Jon practiced tying a scarf with me last night and he’s come up with a plan to do the side tie scarf and giant earrings thing.

It was suggested that I start an account for a wig fund and as annoying as I find ebegging to be I thought I could make it available for those who have asked what they can do or what I need. I will be using my PayPal account for my wig fund.

In other news the, and I probably should have mentioned this before whining about my hair, chemo is already working. One obvious side effect was that I now piss red acid. Xander thinks this is awesome and has compared me to his acid breathing black dragon. Speaking of pee, since I’m crazy bloated I was given meds in my IV that made me lose 3 lbs in an hour via my urinary tract. Weird. I was also tired today and spent more time in bed than I have been. I am afraid because I know it will get much worse.

Besides the side effects at less than 24 hours post chemo my enlarged lymph nodes were already reducing in size and my white blood cell count dropped significantly. So much so that they considered redrawing and testing again. We just took it as a good sign. Good news is hard to come by so we are happy.

Victoria took me for a walk outside this evening. I needed to stop and rest but we made it to the statue. Our long term goal is to be able to walk to the bar on Neil Ave. if we have to we are taking a wheel chair.

No makeup, tired eyes but hair done!



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  1. You are beautiful.

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I just sent you a little bit. I wish I could send you more but I hope this helps to get the wig that you want.


  3. So. . .do you get some kind of red-acid superhero cape?

  4. Really enjoy reading your blog very revealing glimpse of what it is like to be walking this journey and how strong you are through it. I am praying for you everyday.

  5. Underhair is on its way to you! I put it in the hands of Jen Weeks today, and she will be mailing it off to you. Here’s a pic of what it looks like — it’s had a shampoo, and is air drying in this pic.

    I gave Jen all the specs on how to care for the hair, but if you have any questions, please just ask me. Best wishes to you. Be well, Jacki

    • Wow, Jacki, thank you so much. I’m doing the big hair cut on Tuesday. Not sure how I will deal but it’s great to have support. I was reading through your blog and I like that you have been able to keep up with it after you completed treatment.

      • You are so welcome. Did you have chemo and lose your hair before, or is this the first time for the hair loss? I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday!

      • No chemo the first time. Went with bilateral mastectomy instead. I was very afraid of chemo. No choice this time!

      • Losing my hair was what I feared most about cancer treatment, and everyone telling me, “It will grow back” or “You have such a nice bald head” didn’t really help much. Look at the industry built around hair — we cut, curl, flatten, color, etc. We have good hair days and bad hair days, and who wants to be bald? Not me. I wanted so much to look like the normal ME, and losing my hair (plus the bloat and the blah that came with cancer treatment) made me feel so yucky. The underhair REALLY helped, though. I matched the color and texture to my hair, cut it to the same length, and kept a hat on top. I had one neighbor tell my sister, “It’s so great Jacki didn’t lose her hair.” Ah, but I did. She just couldn’t tell. I felt normal after that.

        The hair is eight years old now, and I can’t promise it will be as pretty as you’d like, but it will hopefully bring you a sense of normal. Feel free to keep the hair for as long as you need it, and if you don’t end up liking it, no hard feelings.

        Oh, and if you have not already learned this, insurance should pay for a portion of any wig you buy. Ask for a prescription for a “cranial prothesis” and submit it for reimbursement. I think my insurance paid $40.

        Thinking of you!


      • It seems you understand the hair thing. I hope to have my own hair made into one because it would be comforting. We are going to cut it with the idea of sending it off. I will use yours until we get all that figured out and have it made etc. it means a lot to me that you share.

  6. Looking good, lady!

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