Chemo is In

The insurance called this morning and approved my clinical trial. I have officially finished getting my first dose of chemo. I received 3 different medicines. The nurse practitioner came in to do my lumbar puncture to test my spinal fluid for cancer cells. I had visiting guests which was great since Jeffrey was not going to stay for this. These ladies could take it. The procedure was fine. Some pain and burning with the numbing shot and she touched a nerve once but I screamed and jumped which made everyone else in the room jump and then laugh at me. That’s right, they laughed at the chic with a needle in her back. While the needle was still in she administered my first chemo medication directly into my spinal fluid. The hope is that my spinal fluid does not show signs of cancer and this one treatment will be enough to keep it away.

After this I had to lay down flat for 1 hour to let the meds distribute and make sure I don’t get a headache from the spinal. The nurse hung my other two chemo medications. An hour later they were all in. The only thing that feels different is the pain I have in my mid-back from laying on this hospital bed all day. I feel fine. The nurses say I will feel shitty in 7 days.

This is a picture that Xander drew one day in my room. It represents his understanding of what is happening. He said the first square has a flower with a lot of weeds. The second square has the flower and weeds being sprayed with weed killer. The last square shows just a flower. He says the flower is mom and the weeds are the cancer. The weed killer is the medicine that kills the weeds/cancer. In the end the flower is free from all the weeds.



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  1. Love the broad-leaf herbicide metaphor. Good kid, that. I’m wishing those bad cells goodbye!

  2. I absolutely love this women! She is the strongest person I pry have ever known in my life. I met her as a client “I’m a hairstylist” then we quickly became friends “I think its cause were both a little on the bitch side” lol! I jus would like for anyone an everyone that reads her blog to know what an amazing person she is! I have had family members with cancer but never a good friend, so to c her in this position is heartbreaking for me. She has a loving an devoted husband an two absolutely beautiful children that love her more then life its self, but once u meet her an ur lucky enough to have her speak to u this is something u c right off the bat. Now I am not a blog person, hell I’m not even a computer type guy, but when I found out that she started this I couldn’t wait to read every bit of it. Anyone that is reading her blog know ur not alone in ur struggle with this disease! I hope people find comfort in what she has to say! I love u Lauren!!!!!

  3. Ellen Ridenour

    Yeah! So happy to hear the insurance company came through. I was prepared to picket their office…chain myself to their Mercedes…I am visualizing those “weeds” getting weaker and weaker…

  4. Kristin Jonsson

    Lauren, all I can say is that you are truly one of the bravest women I have ever known and I am in awe of you.

  5. Xander rocks! Love the picture and how he is understanding what is happening. Thanks for taking the time to blog this. Not only does it let us know what’s going on, but your writing is great. (((hugs. . .while copping a quick feel)))

  6. Funny how well kids can boil something down to it’s purest essence, it’s most simple truth.

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