Waiting to get better

I thought I was doing pretty good today. Not too much pain unless it was getting close to time to take pills and no nausea. I’ve even been able to eat some soup and sandwiches. But I looked down this evening after the Christmas Eve festivities and saw that I had purple fingernails and toenails. I could be wrong but I think this means I haven’t been taking deep enough breaths and I was going into mild oxygen deprivation. Out came the old spirometer. I’ve forgotten how difficult it is to take deep breaths after chest surgery. I’m going to need to watch this more closely tomorrow.

I also found a good sized seroma on my right side under my arm. I doubt the doc will want to drain it for risk of infection but I’m going to have to watch this too.

I’m waiting up now to take my pain mess and go back to sleep. It’s going to be an early morning with two excited kiddos. We brought the recliner out from the bedroom tonight for me to use int the living room with family so I’m sleeping in the living room tonight. Jeffrey is being sweet and sleeping on the couch next to me so he can help out. Of course, he over there snoring while I’m awake. This arrangement also might prevent the incident that occurred last year when Xander got up before everyone and opened most of his presents by himself. We made them promise to let us sleep until 7:00 am. We’ll see how that goes. I do need to rest though to avoid any further complications.


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