Planning for surgery #4

Next surgery is December 23rd. This time I’m looking forward to it. I’ve had enough of a break that it doesn’t feel like I just had surgery. I actually have had a chance to feel like a normal person again. At least when I’m at work I can avoid the reality of it all. I’ve only had to think about it when I need to lift something heavy and feel like a dork for needing to ask for help. As the surgery gets closer I’ve had to start preparing. I’ve had paper work and consent forms for the surgeon and hospital. I have to take off work to go to a pre surgery physical at the hospital next week. I called and explained that I had 3 surgeries in August and I was able to do everything over the phone instead of going in but they want me to go in for this. I’m dreading it of course. Who wants to go to the hospital to see a random doctor for a physical? I’m thinking its some kind of liability for the plastic surgeon. I’ve also had to sign all sorts of papers about my implants. Im essentially agreeing to them implanting a foreign object into my body with all sorts of risk factors. I will have to have a MRI every 2-3 years to check for silent rupture of the implant. They are also not considered a lifetime device and I will likely have to have them replaced every 10-15 years.

But the reason I’m looking forward to this surgery is because the tissue expanders that I have been painful at night and are now painful in the day too. I currently have 550 CC’s of saline in each side. The TEs are hard and heavy since they are designed to stretch the tissue. They are also spaced far apart and high in the chest. The plastic surgeon says this is by design also since this area is the least flexible. The result is that I have as much “breast” in my underarms as I do in the front and my arms and chest are sore a lot. Just normal activity like cleaning the playroom or dragging the screaming 4 year old to her room and slamming the door leaves me in pain. I was old that the activity caused the implant to shift and it’s now hitting a nerve. I wake up at least once a night in pain. Ive always been a stomach sleeper but I can’t sleep on my stomach or even side without lots of pillows for support. Ive been taking the narcotics again The permanent implants will be soft and more comfortable. They will also be a normal shape and placed in a more natural position.

The plastic surgeon says we will do one more fill on the TEs for a total of 650 CC’s of saline. He will aim to use a 650 to 700 CC moderate profile implant. It is difficult to determine cup size so I’ll likely have to wait until swelling goes down to know my bra size.


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