Funny questions from the peanut gallery

This past weekend since Jeffrey had a cold AND ran in the Columbus marathon I decided to do the grocery shopping and let him rest. I took Xander with me to help carry the heavy stuff. He also keeps me focused because he and his dad have a very structured grocery shopping routine. He would not let me deviate from the regular procedure. He thought I spent entirely too much time in the hair care aisle.

He also asks inappropriate but hilarious questions. He randomly asked,

“Hey Mom, do you have breast implants?”

Me, “um, yes?”

X, “Are they saline or silicone?”

Me, “Well, right now they are saline but after my next surgery they will be silicone.”

X, “Oh”


X, “I learned that they won’t explode due to high pressure on an aircraft. I saw it on Mythbusters this morning”

Me, “Good to know, Buddy.”

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