Hold still while I inject saline into what used to be your breast.

I went to the plastic surgeon on Thursday for the first post surgery tissue expander fill. It really wasn’t that bad. It was amusing actually. I feared the worst but in actuality my chest has no feeling or sensation left. I didn’t see the surgeon this appointment other than in the hallway. I guess it takes more expertise to administer facial injections rather than jam a needle into an invisible hole in a chest. The nurse took care of me at this appointment. She has been very helpful from the beginning. She even answers questions over email which saves me from having to make a phone call. Huge win!

I took off my zipper front shirt and front closure sports bra and put on the teeny cropped paper gown that the plastic surgeon stocks. He’s no Dr. Lilly, that’s for sure. I waited on the table wondering how exactly they were going to find the port to inject the saline. I was visualizing her feeling around the skin and then sticking a needle in and poking around until she found the port opening but it was much more sophisticated than that. She used a scanning device with a magnet that wiggled when it got close to the port and then pointed directly at the port opening. She then used the device to mark the spot with an X before bringing out the big needle. She used two huge syringes for each side with 50 cc of saline in each one. She warned that I would feel the needle prick and then feel the needle go through the muscle but I didn’t feel anything. I could see the skin rising with the fluid. She told me that the PS put

150 cc of saline into each tissue expander at the first surgery. With this injection I am up to 250 cc each side. It looks like I have two hamburger buns sewn into my chest with one being about a half and inch higher than the other. And they both are too high. The top of the expanders are about a inch and a half (right) and 2 inches (left) below my collarbone.

Here is a picture of the fill process:


Immediately after the fill I could feel pressure on my chest and I had to exert effort to take a deep breath. About a few hours after the fill I started feeling achy. It kinda feels like having your braces tightened and it’s likely
The nurse said she expects I’ll end up with about 450 or 500 cc silicone implants. I’m going to go in for fills and let them know when I like the size. I’m not sure how I can judge size with these because the shape is so funny. I think I still have a lot of swelling because everything looks wonky. Maybe it will make more sense soon. If I get 100 cc each appointment I’ll need two more appointments to hit 450. And then they do one extra fill to make sure there is enough skin to cover. By then, I’m sure the tissue expanders will be up to my chin. I’ve been stocking up on ruffly tops and cardigans.temporary. However, the nurse said that the expanders will be uncomfortable the entire time they are in. Most people are relieved after the exchange surgery because the silicone is much more comfortable and also looks better.

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