My new favorite word: benign

I received good news from the gynecologist today. The cyst that was removed on Friday was benign. It was just a dermoid cyst. After viewing the ultrasound the doc had guessed this was a endometrioid cyst but upon examination it was not. A dermoid cyst is the really cool kind that has hair, teeth and skin cells in it. Either way, it’s out and it’s not cancer.

To celebrate I drove myself to buy a long awaited graduation present. I’m also calling it a cancer-free present. I got an iPad2. I was originally going to give this one to Jeffrey and I’d take his old one but since he’s eyeing a macbook pro he told me to keep the new one. I plugged it in but I’m too exhausted to play with it tonight. It was a lot of work going shopping!

I got an email from OSU today. I was invited to participate in a research study looking at stress and health following breast cancer treatment. This study will involve 4 clinic visits that will include a physical examination and mental health interview before, during and after the treatment. The treatment is just yoga classes for stress relief and relaxation. If I pass the physical exam and if the classes fit in my schedule I will get paid $250 to attend 24 free yoga classes. Not a bad deal! I’m hoping it works out because it will probably be good for me both physically and mentally.

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