Good day

I feel like I was somewhat productive today even though all I did was sweep the floor, feed the chickens and drive to pick-up Amira from daycare. But, I did all of those things by myself so I’m pretty proud. We also went out to dinner. I haven’t taken any pain pills in the last couple of days because just regular strength Advil doesn’t really seem to help and the pain doesn’t seem severe enough anymore for percocet. After my afternoon of activity I am definitely feeling it though. I’m achy and sore and feel the need to sit down. I mean, screw it, I guess I could just pop a pill. They’ve been generous with the prescriptions. Might as well take them! With all the research showing a link between alcohol and breast cancer I’m going to have to use something for my Friday night buzz. Maybe I’ll just take on an oxy addiction.

I haven’t heard from Dr. Bell’s office on the pathology report from the ovary. I called yesterday and the nurse seemed surprised that I was calling and said that because of the holiday it might take a few days. I’m so used to Dr. Lilly by now because he’s somehow able to get pathology back within 24-36 hours even over a weekend. And he always personally calls me with the results right away. I’m thinking with this surgery it is not considered “high risk” so they are taking their time with it. I guess that’s good news. I’d just really like to get the information so I can finally take a deep breath. I actually feel fine from the oophorectomy. I heard from friends that it takes a couple weeks to recover but my advise to anyone is to have a mastectomy 2 weeks before laparoscopic surgery and it won’t be a big deal at all.

So, these tissue expanders feel like bricks sewn into my chest. And they are barely filled. I’m imagining that the fill process will not be pleasant and that I will be uncomfortable until I get the silicone implants. Dr. Lilly confirmed that patients commonly feel that way about the tissue expanders but getting the silicone in is instant relief. Jeffrey has been jokingly saying “D’s by December!” but I told him there is no way I’m going that big. The plastic surgeon said that the people with small breasts always go bigger and the people with big breasts always go smaller.

My check-up went well and everything is healing as planned. I don’t have another appointment with Dr. Lilly until February and he said there is no need for me to see an oncologist again but he wouldn’t be opposed to it if I wanted to. He said the 1% risk of reoccurrence is there for protection but with this surgery he doesn’t expect to see anything show up. I’m still comfortable with this decision. I read a study yesterday from Stanford that gave a 8.5% reoccurrence rate for DCIS with lumpectomy and radiation and tamoxifen. That seems really high for me considering that I only had a .2% chance of getting breast cancer in the first place.

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