Anesthesiologist is superman

I seem to be doing okay with recovery this time. I didn’t puke once and I have a very attentive anesthesiologist to thank for that. I think he took it as his mission of the day to control my pain and keep my from puking. Considering my track record with surgeries that was not easy. Immediately after surgery I rated my nausea as a 3-4 and my pain as a 4-5. He hit me with some more stuff and when he came back to check 20 minutes later I rated pain as 0 and nausea as 0. I heard him say “mission accomplished” as he walked away. The nurse wrote down on an index card the drug cocktail I was given during surgery and after. I can give this to the next anesthesiologist for my next surgery. Although, I will be at the same surgery center so with any luck I’ll get the same guy.

I have been up walking around and doing small things. I walked laps in the gym at the community center yesterday and today I’ve already been up and showered and tended to chickens and the garden. We may try for a family outing later but I’m not sure. I don’t have my appetite back but I’m trying to eat extra protein to help with healing. This has a result of making me a bit queasy but I don’t think I’ll lose my lunch. I am drowsy and weak and I’ve also been having trouble sleeping. Also, interestingly, my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. I wondering if it’s all the anesthesia. It could be one of the meds I’ve been given but I don’t know which one. I’m making a list of things to talk to Dr. Lilly about on Tuesday.

For this surgery I have 3 small incisions. The one in my bellybutton is the largest with smaller one closer to my left hip and one on my pelvic bone. These sites are a little sore but it’s not bad. The hardest part is the gas pains that reach all the way to my neck. It’s from the CO2 they injected for surgery. I’m hoping exercise will help work that out. Of course, my chest is still sore from the mastectomy. I think these tissue expanders are just going to feel like bricks sewn into my chest until I am able to get them out in December.

I have made progress with my arm and shoulder exercises. I can lift my arms much higher than before. I just have to keep up with the movements. It’s hard for me to think that just a couple months ago I was running 3 miles and doing push-ups and pull-ups for exercise. Hopefully I’ll get back to that before winter takes over and I lose all motivation.


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